New Sand Arrives at Glenelg and Kingston Park Beaches

Annual sand recycling is underway with sand being pumped to replenish beaches from Glenelg to Kingston Park in Adelaide, the Government of South Australia reports. 

Image source: SA Government

About 100,000 cubic meters (or 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools) of sand will be recycled from Glenelg to replenish the beaches between Kingston Park and Somerton Park until November 2019.

Department for Environment and Water (DEW) spokesperson, Dr Murray Townsend, said that sand along Adelaide’s coast naturally moves northward, driven by the wind and waves.

“The annual sand recycling ensures that the beaches remain in good condition,” Dr Townsend said.

“The underground pipeline transfers a slurry of sand and seawater from Glenelg where sand is building up, to the eroding beaches further south.

“Without replenishing the beaches with sand, some of our favorite would soon be little more than rock and clay.”

The annual sand recycling operation will be carried out between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday, weather permitting, said the Government.