Lower Mississippi River Dredging Operations Continue

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi Valley New Orleans (MVN) has resumed dredging operations in Southwest Pass (SWP) and on the Crossings Above New Orleans to respond to active shoaling deposited by long-term high river stages, reports Louisiana Maritime Association.

There are several vessels presently working in the area of SWP (including hopper and cutterhead dredges) and two dustpan dredges that are restoring half channel width on the Crossings.

Engaged in the works are: hopper dredges STUYVESANT, NEWPORT and WHEELER; cutterhead dredges C.R. McCASKILL, CAPTAIN FRANK and R.S. WEEKS; and dustpan dredges WALLCE McGEORGE, JADWIN and HURLEY.

Federally authorized channel dimensions on the Crossings are 500 feet wide by 45 feet deep, USACE continues to focus on the central 250 feet of channel or half of the authorized channel width.

The MVN will advertise Southwest Pass Hopper Dredge Rental Contract #12-2019 later this week, in an effort to secure an additional industry hopper dredge.