Henderson Dredging Project About to Begin

The City of Henderson (KY) is about to begin a dredging project that will remove sediment and silt from the downtown boat ramps.

As reported in the release, for the first time this summer season, the Ohio River has dropped low enough and will remain that way so the city can clean out the silt that has accumulated at the riverfront boat ramps.

The forecast looks like the river is going to stay down for at least two weeks so we can get it done,” said Public Works Director Brian Williams.

He added that the Third Street boat ramp is particularly in need. The up and down movement of the river has really caused a problem with silt accumulation this summer. The Second Street ramp is slightly better.

We’re going to hire a contractor to bring a long-arm excavator and pull out the silt,” Williams said. “It will be piled between the downtown ramps until it is dried out and can be removed.”

Once we start work it shouldn’t take very long to get it done,” he added, noting that he expects the work to begin around Aug. 7.

Williams suggested that boaters avoid the Third Street ramp until the work can be complete and use the Second Street, adding that the Hays Ramp is also available for boat launching.


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