South Australia: $4 Million for Regional Coastal Councils

The Government of South Australia’s Department for Environment and Water said in its latest release that the regional and outer metropolitan councils can now apply for funding to repair, conserve and enhance SA coastline. 

The grants, known as the Regional Coast Protection Fund, will provide $4 million funding over four years to help regional and outer metropolitan coastal councils secure and protect SA’s coast.

SA’s coastline is the first defense against the changing climate and regional coastlines are at risk of erosion, flooding and sand dune drift, which are being exacerbated by rising sea levels.

Many of the state’s regional coastal councils, community groups and businesses are already taking action to address the risk to their coastal areas, and these grants are to provide councils with practical support.

“Funding of up to $1 million will be available over 2019/20. Eligible councils can apply for funding for projects that address issues such as flood and erosion management, cliff stability, repair of storm-damaged coast protection structures and beach replenishment,” the Government stated.

The $4 million fund forms part of the $52.4 million coastal funding over four years to improve both metropolitan and regional coasts. The funding is in addition to the existing grants that are provided annually by the Coast Protection Board.

Applications close on 9 September 2019.

Photo: Image source: Ben Fairhall facebook