LNG Canada: Rio Tinto Dredging Resumes

Image source: Boskalis

As part of their work to get the existing port ready for larger vessels, LNG Canada is set to resume its dredging activities in the vicinity of Rio Tinto, former Methanex and former Eurocan wharfs.

According to the LNG Canada’s latest release, this is a continuation from last year’s activities and will take place from September 2019 till Winter 2020.

The dredging work, conducted by Boskalis, will increase the depth of the berthing areas in the port of Kitimat to ensure safe passage of vessels.

“Soils meeting hazardous waste criteria will be stabilized and transported offsite for disposal at an approved facility. Materials meeting IL+ criteria for the Rio Tinto dredge pockets will be disposed of in the onshore dredge disposal (DDS) site on the Rio Tinto site. Materials meeting IL+ criteria from the LNG Canada dredge pocket will be stabilized and transported off site. Material meeting IL- criteria will be disposed of in the respective DDS,” said LNG Canada.

Dredging involves the removal of sediments and other material, referred to as dredge material, from the bottom of bodies of water. These works are a common commercial and industrial practice and has previously occurred in the port of Kitimat.