Settlement Shores Dredging Project Step Closer

The Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (NSW) has just announced that pre-dredge survey works for the upcoming Settlement Shores Dredging project will start next week.

According to the Council, the survey works are scheduled to be undertaken in the week of 23 September 2019.

They also added that this survey will identify those areas where there is satisfactory depth and those where the movement of sands/silt has compromised the available depth, which will be targeted by the dredging operations.

Dredging operations in the Settlement Shores canals are scheduled to commence in November 2019.

Work is expected to take at least 5 months to complete including a brief shut down over the Christmas period.

The officials have secured the necessary environmental approvals to undertake the maintenance dredging works and have appointed Birdon Pty Ltd to undertake the works.