Damen DOP Pump Put to the Test in Italy

Image source: Damen

Sales Construzione s.p.a. has used Damen DOP on wire crane to mine sand from the sea and replenish Tuscan beach in the Gulf of Follonica, Italy.

The Gulf of Follonica is situated on the Mediterranean coast.

As the autumn and winter storms have resulted in heavy coastal erosion over the past few years, the narrowed beach badly needed replenishment.

The DOP250, which pumps some 1.250 m3/h, was suspended on a wire crane. This crane was located on the barge Massimo.

The unit was located some 400 meters offshore, delivering dredged sand ashore using flexible floating hoses.

The eroded beach has a total length of 7km. Approximately 66,000m3 of sand was mined and delivered to the beach during this project.

Due to the tourist season, the job was not done in one go. It was started in the spring, suspended in summer and finished in the autumn – ready for the next tourist season to start.