Newport Canal Dredging Project Starts Today

The Shropshire Wildlife Trust has just announced that an exciting dredging project to restore Newport Canal back to full health will begin today, October 21.

Image source: WM Longreach

After a long and detailed period of investigation and consultation we are very pleased to announce that we have appointed a contractor to carry out the conservation dredging on the Newport Canal Site of Special Scientific Interest,” the Trust said in the release.

The work will be carried out by WM Longreach, a Bridgnorth based family company, and is expected to last for four weeks, finishing on November 15.

The planned works include:

  1. Mobilization on site with placement of the teams welfare hut ; preparatory tree-works; delivery of plant – excavator, dumper and hopper barge;
  2. Dredging of canal on town side of Fishers Lock – sediment will be spread in upper section of Strine Park [bunded with soil and allowed to drain and settle – this will be eventually seeded with a wildflower and grass mix];
  3. Dredging of canal on upstream side of Fishers Lock and section downstream of Summerhouse Bridge – sediment will be spread in woodland at upper end of Strine Park;
  4. Dredging of canal upstream of Summerhouse Bridge – contracting team will enter this area from A41 – sediment will be spread in area of Norbroom Park previously a landfill site;
  5. Clearing up, making good and securing the site.