Damen DOP250 Busy in Westport

Image source: Damen

The Westport Marina dredging program in Washington, undertaken by a Damen DOP250 with cutter unit, is currently underway.

The DOP250 and its cutter unit are powered by the hydraulic power pack. The DOP250 works at a dredging depth of -8m. It pumps the harbor sludge through a 250 mm floating pipe line over some 1100 m to a settling field.

Image source: Damen

The job, which started in September, is carried out using a large excavator John Deere 470 equipped with a long-reach boom and stick, based on a pontoon.

This pontoon can be repositioned in the marina easily as per the progress of the dredging job.

At the back of the excavator, a Power Pack is mounted.

Westport Marina is the home of Washington State’s largest charter fishing fleet. The harbor badly needed maintenance dredging as the last dredging work was undertaken some 39 years ago.

As the marina is packed with jetties, the job has to be carried out in a controlled manner. The DOP250 is positioned between 2 berths maneuvering the excavator’s boom.

This way the sediment built up over the last decades can be removed entirely.