Settlement Shores Dredging Set for Next Week

Dredging operations on the Settlement Shores canal system are set to begin on Monday, 25 November, the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council said in its latest release. 

According to the council, this dredging scheme will be conducted in the areas where the depth has been impacted by sedimentation, tidal movements and boat wash.

“This will make it safer and more accessible for the boating public, while the beach replenishment will preserve the shoreline and stability of canal infrastructure,” said the council.

Council Director, Dan Bylsma, said that a pre-dredge survey took place in September this year to identify areas within the channel where the depth has changed due to sand and silt movement.

The Settlement Shores Estate is located approximately 3 km north-west of the Port Macquarie CBD area, and is directly connected to the Hastings River. The canal system consists of 10 arms, where 433 allotments have water frontage.

The work, to be conducted by Birdon Pty Ltd, is expected to be complete by April 2020 with a break over the Christmas/New Year period.