Another Contract for the West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, recently awarded a contract for excavating, processing, and stockpiling clay material at the Bonnet Carrė Spillway.

This material will support the construction of approximately 17.5 miles of levee system that will provide 100 year level risk reduction to the area extending from Bonnet Carrė spillway to Garyville.

The $20.5 million firm-fixed-price contract was recently awarded to Greenup Industries of Gonzales, Louisiana. The contract consists of a Base contract of $9.1 million and optional work items totaling $11.4 million.

Work will be performed in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, with an estimated completion date of Jan. 22, 2021.

Chris Gilmore, Sr. Project Manager said, “One of the most critical components of a properly constructed levee system is having sufficient material to construct the levee. This project gives us a good jump start on obtaining the levee construction material required to construct the West Shore Lake Pontchartrain levee system.

During Hurricane Isaac, storm surge inundated approximately 7,000 homes and the interstate was submerged for several days slowing emergency response across the region.

The complete $760 million West Shore Lake Pontchartrain project will provide hurricane risk reduction for over 60,000 people in the area. It will span approximately 18.3 miles and include levee, T-Wall, four pumping stations, two drainage structures, and approximately thirty-five utility relocations.