Ala Wai Canal Dredging Operations About to Begin

While work to repair two sections of the Ala Wai Canal wall has been ongoing since last October, dredging to remove accumulated silt and sediments from the canal is scheduled to start sometime next week, reports Department of Land and Natural Resources Hawaii.

Equipment fabrication and mobilization for the dredging started in December and will involve the removal of 186,000 cubic yards of material from the canal.

According to the DLNR Engineering Division, dredging depths vary from 12-6 feet below the mean lower low water mark.

Dredged material will be loaded onto a dump scow, which will be towed by a tugboat at least two times a day to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved ocean site, known as the South O‘ahu Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMS).

The project, worth around $21.1 million, will be performed by Hawaii Harbors Constructors JV.

DLNR Chief Engineer Carty Chang said, “The long-term benefits of this project include maintaining the ability of the canal to efficiently convey storm water flows to the ocean to reduce the risk of flooding, and to improve the aesthetics and safe use of the canal for recreational users.”

Officials expect the project to be completed by the end of this year.