Restoring Kissimmee River Basin

J.E. McAmis and subcontractor Herve Cody are hard at work finishing the C-38 Project on the Kissimmee River in Florida.

This project was designed to help restore natural flows to the Kissimmee River Basin. In all, J.E. McAmis moved 10 million cubic yards of material on this project.

Subcontractor, Herve Cody is putting the finishing touches on this $45M + project.

The Kissimmee River Restoration Project will return flow to 44 miles of the river’s historic channel and restore about 40 square miles of river/floodplain ecosystem. The restoration project ia a 50-50 partnership with the South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

J.E. McAmis and Herve Cody are currently partnered on another adjacent project on the Kissimmee River – the S-69 Weir Project where Herve Cody is prime and McAmis is the sub.

Image source: J.E. McAmis

Photo: Image source: J.E. McAmis