Komandoo Harbor Works in Full Swing

The extension of the existing harbor for Sh. Komandoo harbor upgrade project is well underway, reports the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

Image source: MTCC

According to the latest update, current work involves quay wall works and dredging and reclamation of the harbor basin.

MTCC also reported that as of now, the project is 31% complete.

Overall, the Sh. Komandoo project consists of dredging and excavation operations; along with construction of a 12m long breakwater; revetment works; and a 190m quay wall.

The scheme also includes construction of an 11 x 11 meter ramp, interlocking pavements, installment of ten mooring blocks, etc.

The whole project is expected to cost about $1.9 million.