Preparing for High Water on Lakes Erie, Ontario

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, is preparing to respond to lakes Erie and Ontario high water within the limits of its Regulatory, Emergency Management, Program and Project Management, and Operations and Maintenance programs.

Lake Erie water level set a record for this time of year, where Lake Ontario remains above average but below record high levels.

The Buffalo District maintains federal navigation channels and harbor structures for 16 commercial and 20 recreational harbors across lakes Erie and Ontario.

Contractors are preparing to start dredging operations and repairing breakwaters in the coming months. Given the high water on the two lakes there is the potential that some of the structures that are usually above water could be submerged.

Under the Corps of Engineers Continuing Authorities Program (CAP), many project have started or have been recently completed to develop a more resilient coastline on lakes Erie and Ontario.