GLDD Wraps up Phase II of the Post Florence Renourishment Project

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock has successfully completed Phase II of the Post Florence Renourishment Project.

Image source: Carteret County

According to the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, GLDD’s hopper dredge Ellis Island delivered the last load of sand to West Emerald Isle (“reach 2”) at approximately 1:30 pm, on April 29th signifying the conclusion of the beach nourishment phase of the project.

We will constrain the final numbers soon, but we likely placed in excess of  2 million cubic yards of sand total along the 9.5 miles of project beach in West Atlantic Beach (reach 10), Pine Knoll Shores (reach 9), Salter Path (reach 7), and West Emerald Isle (reach 2),” the Shore Protection Office said.

That’s roughly the equivalent of 166,700 dump trucks worth of sand, or enough sand to extend the footprint of a regulation NBA basketball court over 2 miles into the sky.

The office added that Great Lakes Dredge & Dock did a great job, and overcame challenges associated with internal and external COVID-19 precautions with 100% professionalism.

The demobilization process has already started and is in full swing – with Ellis Island departing the area.

The submerged pipeline near Sea Dunes Drive in West Emerald Isle should be floated and pulled this weekend. The land-based pipe are being staged on the beach at the “dog-leg” 4WD access in Emerald Isle and will be removed 5 to 6 at a time on large flatbed trailers – all equipment, pipe, etc. must be off the beach on May 7th, concluded the Shore Protection Office.