Peel Marina Dredging Moves Ahead

Image source: Land & Water

The Peel Marina dredging program, located in the town of Peel, Isle of Man, is moving forward according to schedule, Land & Water just announced. 

“As part of a large-scale project, we have constructed a temporary draining lagoon in a field upstream of the marina. Now, our team is using a long reach excavator on a floating pontoon to transport material to the lagoon. This will then be drained over a number of months before being suitable for transportation,” said Land & Water.

Excess water is being drained back into the River Neb after satisfying environmental standards agreed with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).

Peel Marina is fed by a river system and has been silted up over several years.

Image source: Land & Water

Photo: Image source: Land & Water