New electric cutter suction dredger from Damen

As it continues to drive the maritime energy transition, Damen Shipyards Group has unveiled its first Electric Cutter Suction Dredger (ECSD) 650.

With electric motors powering the dredge system, the ECSD 650 makes possible zero emissions dredging projects. The electric power provides a significant reduction in noise, adding an extra tier of sustainability and ensuring the dredger’s suitability for projects in densely populated and environmentally sensitive areas, said Damen.

“The ECSD is a modular dredger, based on Damen’s successful standardized shipbuilding philosophy, dismountable for transportation and easy assembly in the remotest of locations,” said the company.

Due to the standardization of the design, Damen was able to very quickly produce this sustainable product, simply exchanging the diesel motors for electric ones, without need for re-engineering. Standardization further ensures the easy adaption of the ECSD to suit local power supplies.

Electrical nerve center

On the conventional CSD 650, the rear side pontoons serve only to provide buoyancy; in the ECSD the starboard side pontoon becomes an electrical nerve center.

The dredger’s low voltage system equals easy maintenance with no requirement for special crew training.

Damen’s work on the electrification of the maritime industry falls under the so-called E3 umbrella. That is, environmentally friendly, efficient in operation and economically viable.

The shipyards group is currently working on a number of projects for electric vessels.

Photo: Damen