CSD General Pershing kicks off work on Bolivar Ferry Terminal

Callan Marine is currently serving as the prime contractor to the Texas Department of Transportation for a maintenance dredging project located at the Bolivar Ferry Terminal.

Image source: Callan

The project consists of the removal of 600,000 cubic yards of material and returning the landings to the required depth of 22’.

According to Callan, the dredged material will be hydraulically transported via pipeline to placement area BU-1, located northeast of the proposed dredging location.

The project started in May and is estimated to be complete in late July 2020.

The General Pershing is an 18” cutter suction dredger in Callan Marine’s fleet.

As a portable dredge, the General Pershing is capable of mobilizing quickly to any location, showcasing speed and versatility, said the company. The General Pershing is equipped with 1,500 total installed horsepower.