Improving navigability of Bangladeshi waterways

The Government of Bangladesh has taken up a dredging master plan to improve navigability of the internal waterways across the country, The Financial Express reports.

Dredge Bangla
Image source: Dredge Bangla

Under the official plan, around 10,000 kilometres of river routes will be made navigable through excavating 178 waterways.

The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) is expected to conduct the job.

As per the plan, it had begun excavation of 12 important river routes, capital dredging in 53 river routes, navigability development of the river route from Mongla Port to Pakshi via Chandpur, Mawa, Goalando, and restoration of old Brahmaputra, Dharla, Tulai and Punarbhaba rivers.

Also, dredging work on 470km of river routes under the Bangladesh-India river protocol had already begun. It will be jointly financed by the two countries, according to The Financial Express.

The government is also planning to bring the dredging works of the inland waterways under a real-time monitoring network.