Transporting the new Damen CSD500

Damen Dredging Equipment today, on its official Linkedin profile, published an interesting story about recent vessel deliveries.

The Dutch are known for dredging, and here one can see why.

The Damen Dredging yard is situated on sea level, surrounded by a polder below sea level. The entire area is protected by a dike.

As a result, all dredgers leaving the yard have to pass a lock. And this time, the transport resulted in spectacular pictures.

Damen type CSD500

The transport consisted of 2 dredgers, type CSD500, plus a floating booster station type BS500, plus 2 pontoons used for transporting a spud carriage pontoon and a container with auxiliaries each.

Due to the limited lock size, the tug had to travel 5 times from the yard to the open water & back.

Once in open waters, the items were interconnected, and transported continued using one pusher only.

Photo: Damen

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