Mandurah dredging kicks off

Beach users are being asked to take extra care as important annual coastal maintenance work commences at Mandurah Ocean Entrance, the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Transport said in their latest release.

Image source: Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation
Image source: Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation

Department of Transport (DoT) Executive Director Maritime Steve Jenkins said that the annual sand bypassing and replenishment project was needed to ensure safe navigation and widen Town Beach for summer.

“Funded by the State Government and City of Mandurah at a cost of $1.1 million the work will see about 130,000 cubic metres of sand relocated prior to completion in November,” Mr Jenkins said.

“To ensure Mandurah Entrance Channel remains safe for navigation sand is taken from a trap at Halls Head Beach and pumped to Town Beach to ensure a wide beach for community use.”

The works will be undertaken using a mobile material screening, pumping and conveying unit and an excavator.