Preparations underway for Ocean City beachfill

On a pre-construction conference call last week, a federal Army Corps of Engineers contractor indicated that the Ocean City north end beach replenishment project is now anticipated to begin about June 22, the city mayor Jay A. Gillian said in his latest announcement.

The work will bring more than 1.4 million cubic yards of new sand to some of the narrowest beaches on the island. 

“A pipeline from the ‘borrow area’ offshore will land on the beach near Morningside Road, and work will progress from there toward the southern terminus of the project area at 13th Street over the course of about six weeks,”said Gillian.

“When that is complete, work will proceed for another two weeks from Morningside to the northern terminus at Seaview Road. About two blocks of beach will be closed at any time as the project moves down the beach.”

The beach replenishment program is funded largely by the federal Army Corps and the State Department of Environmental Protection.

Photo: Mark Fritschle Group/Condominium Realty