Mudcat 40E electric dredge busy in Australia (VIDEO)

As part of a maintenance project to improve the capacity of a primary pond at a Waste Water Treatment Plant, Apex Envirocare was commissioned recently to dredge sediment and sludge that had built up over a period.

Apex Envirocare

Using the Mudcat 40E electric dredge and a combination of polymer dosing and GeoPro Tubes (Geotextile tubes) the suspended sediment in the pond was collected and treated.

The result was clear filtrate (sediment-free water) that was returned to the pond, increasing the capacity of the pond and improving its efficiency.

The powerful electric Mudcat allowed the company to work on this high risk pond without an operator onboard.

The Mucdat 40E dredge is radio controlled with all the gauges normally available on the dredge present on the hand held device.

In this way the operator can remain firmly in control of the dredge yet remain safely onshore.

View on Youtube.