Sand nourishment underway at Presque Isle State Park

Sand nourishment is underway at Presque Isle State Park, PA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, said in their latest announcement.


District places approximately 55,000 tons of sand each year to offset erosion.

Presque Isle Peninsula is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie in the City of Erie, PA. The peninsula is a natural breakwater that forms and protects Erie Harbor.

The project at Presque Isle Peninsula initiated construction of 55 offshore rubblemound breakwaters along the western shore and placement of approximately 560,000 tons of sand fill.

Each year the peninsula needs approximately 55,000 tons of additional sand to offset impacts of annual erosion. Since the construction of the breakwaters, the annual nourishment requirement decreased by 75 percent.

The main goal of the scheme is to control erosion of the peninsula, and to induce the continued growth of Gull Point, critical to the maintenance of habitat for an endangered species.