Vox Amalia heading for its first job in Turkey

Van Oord’s newest trailing suction hopper dredger Vox Amalia was spotted while sailing through the Bosphorus strait last week.

The youngest trailing suction hopper dredger in Van Oord’s fleet is heading for its first job in Turkey.

After the works on the project in Den Helder, the Netherlands, this will be the ship’s second assignment since its commissioning in 2019.

According to Van Oord, the vessel will be carrying out dredging works for the newly built fuel port of the brand-new third airport in Istanbul.

The TSHD Vox Amalia is 158 metres long, 36 metres wide and has a hopper capacity of 18,000 cubic meters.

The vessel was built in Spain on the instructions of Van Oord and is used for land reclamation, constructing or expanding port infrastructure and coastal reinforcement.

The vessel is part of Van Oord’s new generation of trailing suction hopper dredgers with a focus on energy efficiency for the smallest possible carbon footprint.