WEDA Safety Commission Webinar

The WEDA Safety Commission will today, July 27th at 1 PM (EST), hold a Virtual Panel on how COVID-19 is driving better and safer dredging operations.

The Safety Commission is honored to convene this conversation among industry executives, focusing on how their organizations are surviving and thriving in the COVID-19 era, WEDA announced in the release.

According to the officials, executives from small and large contractors will share their experiences from training operations after first learning of the virus to initial and ongoing fleet messaging in the sea of ever-changing information.

“We will also discuss office and field return-to-work strategies, including managing social impulses for those working in close quarters,” WEDA Safety Commission said. “Finally, the execs will share their “long game” strategies as they look to the future and use the increased focus and attention of safety to become better at safe operations for the long term.”


60-minute virtual panel followed by a Q&A session, facilitated by WEDA Safety Commission Member, Margaret Davis

  • What about your existing safety culture informed how your organization initially responded to the COVID-19 message protecting safe ops?
  • Given how psychological our engagement with COVID is, how have you communicated with your teams? What has worked best for you?
  • What social impulses are you noticing among your teams as you begin to reopen? How are you helping one another stay safe and healthy?
  • How are you setting your company up to play the long game, realizing the virus isn’t going anywhere any time soon?