Beach renourishment part of the Lydd Ranges scheme

Mackley has been commissioned by the Environment Agency to carry out emergency works on a section of frontage on the East Sussex coast.

The Lydd Ranges Emergency Works consist of the placement of approximately 56,000 tons of rock armour with geo-textile, and import of 45,000m3 of shingle.

The project also includes the repair works to two existing groynes, as well as the re-charge of the beach with shingle.

Jury’s Gap is located at the western edge of the Denge (Lydd Ranges) frontage in East Sussex. It consists of a shingle beach which provides protection to an earth embankment secondary defence fronting low lying land used by the MoD as a training facility.

It also contains two groyne bays each of approximately 45m length. This frontage has a history of erosion with longshore drift predominantly moving shingle in an eastward direction.

The emergency works are taking place along a 600m section of the clay embankment known locally as the green wall. These works are to strengthen this embankment following a succession of storm events.

Works are ongoing and consist of the placement of 56,000 tons of three-to-six ton rock armour complete with geotextile to prevent washout. This rock has been brought to site by a combination of lorry and barges directly from the sea.

A pair of wooden groynes with 225mm x 225mm piles have been repaired. The works include the reinstatement of the access track on top of the clay embankment and a shingle recharge to fill the growing bays and feed shingle down drift towards the SAC.

The works are tidal and also require daily coordination with the MoD – who are carrying live firing drills, which restrict access to the easterly end of the site.

The works are due to be completed by mid-October.

Photo: Mackley