Centerm Expansion Project, August update

The Port of Vancouver recently presented the latest update on the Centerm Expansion Project.

According to the port officials, infilling for the first phase of the preload in the western expansion area is complete.

However, infilling of the northeast perimeter dyke and in the eastern lagoon is still ongoing.

This work is expected to be completed by the end of August.

The officials also added that this month, work on the construction of the first of two caissons is happening at Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. on the north shore.

These large boxes (20m deep, 37m long, 14.5m wide) will be floated to the west end of the Centerm terminal and then filled with rock to create an underwater wall.

They will be used to build the new berth face for the Centerm terminal.

Watch the infilling process in a new time-lapse video showing land construction in the western expansion area.

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Photo: Port of Vancouver