Dredging of Wellington Channel

A Model 5012 HP Versi-Dredge owned by the Town of Cobourg, Canada, is fulfilling another maintenance dredging contract for Wellington Harbour.

According to Adam Goheen, Prince Edward County’s director of operations, over the next couple of weeks the dredger will clear built-up sand from the harbour channel leading to Lake Ontario.

“Dredging was supposed to be done in the spring of 2019, but apparently a large ice flow came in and that window closed,” Goheen explained.

The municipality anticipates that the dredging will be completed by mid-September.

Public and guests of the canal should remain away from the pressurize pipes and berm and must remain outside of the fenced areas, the officials said.

They also added that boaters may contact dredge operators on VHF8 but should give way to the navigation of the vessel in the channel.

“The dredge will move to allow passing vessels but may take a short period of time, which may result in boating delays.”

The Town of Cobourg operates an IMS 5012 HP suction dredge used to maintain navigable waterways at harbour entrances, basins, docks and launch ramp areas.

In addition to dredging their own marina, the town performs maintenance dredging for other marinas and ports around Canada which make it a profit center.

Photo: Town of Cobourg