Klaipeda project includes dredging

A joint venture of HERBOSCH-KIERE and German company Hecker Bau has won a contract to repair and reinforce two breakwaters in the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda.


For this project, the Port of Klaipeda has secured over 40 million euros.

The breakwaters that protect the harbor from the sea waves are now over 150 years old.

According to Algis Latakas, Director General of Klaipeda Port, the reconstruction of breakwaters will ensure greater safety of navigation.

During the first phase, the contractor will strengthen the existing southern and northern breakwaters without changing their configuration.

Both breakwaters will be raised, and retaining walls will be installed in some of the hydraulic structures.

After renewing them and deepening the shipping channel (phase two) to a depth of 17 meters, Klaipeda port will be open to the largest ships that can enter the Baltic Sea.

Work on the project will start in March 2021 and will last approximately two years.