DEME’s Omega busy at Meeslouwerplas

DEME Group has just released this beautiful photo of their spray pontoon ‘Omega’, taken during her work at the Meeslouwerplas in the Netherlands.


As the recreational area was created through sand extraction in the past, the lake was very deep in some places and the banks were steep and unstable.

“Fortunately, we had large amounts of good quality soil and sand available to us from the nearby RijnlandRoute project, where we are just about to complete two huge tunnel tubes for a bored tunnel for a new road connection,” said DEME.

“Making sure we didn’t waste this valuable resource, we carried out the hydraulic transport of these materials through a 3.6 km pipeline.”

“Then, ‘Omega’ deposited the soil and sand at the right locations in the Meeslouwerplas.”

Restoring the banks at the lake will enable visitors to safely enjoy nature whilst walking alongside the lake.