Fawn Lake dredging update available

The Town of Bedford, MA, has just released the latest update about their Fawn Lake Dredging Program.


The Dredgit crew had a very productive month of September, and is winding down the dredge operations, said the town.

To date, they have removed 7,020 cubic yards of material, approximately 88% of the total amount to be cleared.

In an effort to maximize the cleared section of the Lake, Dredgit cleared a 6 foot deep channel from the boat launch, out to the center of the lake, where the cut was 7 to 8 feet deep.

Also, the southern side of the lake was not cleared, as to maintain the current habitat for species that existing in that type of resource area.

In addition to the 7,020 yards of dredged material, the weed harvester cut and removed a total of 350 cubic yards of floating/submerged aquatic vegetation.

Dredgit’s subcontractor has cut off the steel sheet piles to 6 inches below grade at the Springs Road dam. However, these panels were pushed down to bedrock and will become the new structural dam.

The next step is the installation of the flexible portadam which will contain the water and allow work to be done in the dry.