Flexible auxiliary gearbox drive for dredging application

Rj Link Int., a solution provider in the global power transmission market, recently came up with the solution for a flexible auxiliary gearbox drive for dredging application.

According to the company, a customer came to Rj Link Int. needing a solution to an existing gearbox that was more flexible, controllable, and robust.

This customer needed the solution to meet the vigorous requirements of their dredging application which was being used for river, pond, and coastal area projects.

The lack of flexibility in the existing gearbox hampered the company’s ability to serve their customer. It also limited the scope of work that they could get done.

This made it a challenge for the company to grow in the new market segment, and fulfill the project specifications in a timely manner.

What Rj Link looked at with this marine type application, was to offer a more flexible, auxiliary gearbox drive that would be more controllable to adhere to a dredge pump.

Engineering Solution:

  • Two speed industrial grade gearbox;
  • Offered greater control of speed & depth for the dredge pump;
  • Improved operation performance;
  • Improved flexibility control of pumping distance;
  • Helped to control cost & enable customer to increase its market reach.

Photo: Rj Link Int.