Foyle and Marine brings new equipment to Dundee

Foyle and Marine Dredging Ltd. recently took delivery of a new Long Reach Excavator – the Hitachi Zaxis 490-6 LCH.

The large Zaxis-6 excavators offer the highest level of performance without compromising on the increasing demand for operational efficiency.

Their power and performance makes them ideal for demanding working environments of the European marine and construction industries.

According to Foyle, the company brought the new excavator to Dundee for its first project, straight from the factory.

There, the excavator will support Graham Construction in their effort to develop and construct a new quay.

During the scheme, Foyle and Marine will carry out dredging operations and rock armouring works, the company stated.

In the coming weeks, the company is also planning to bring to the site their dredger ‘Dinopotes’ to speed up the dredging works.

Photo: Foyle and Marine Dredging