Barnstable County dredge program update

The Barnstable County, MA, has just released the latest update on the county’s Dredge Program.

According to the update, the 25th season of work continues as the dredge crew worked on Columbus Day and throughout the week.

“A few windy days, a minor hydraulic hose that had to be repaired and all in all it was a very good week of dredge operations,” the county stated.

The Cod Fish II was moved to Falmouth on Wednesday in preparation for the Inner Harbor project. The project will begin as soon as the pipe needed to move the sand from the dredge location to the discharge location is brought on-site.

The dredging “season” typically runs from October to mid-June and is subject to time of year restrictions. These range from protecting winter flounder to piping plovers as well as summer tourism.

The Dredge Program is critical for the region because it helps maintain the changing coastal landscape. Demand for dredging on Cape Cod has increased in recent years due to climate change and the availability of additional state funding.

Photo: Barnstable County Government