Dinopotes ready for Port of Dundee

Following a successful dredging campaign in The North East of Scotland, Foyle and Marine dredger ‘Dinopotes’ has now mobilized to the Port of Dundee.

The dredger will carry out 50000m3+ of capital dredging and assist Foyle and Marine Dredging’s rock armoring team in the construction of a revetment for the main contractor Graham Construction.

“FMD can offer a full package of rock armoring and revetment construction down to -19mCD,” the company said.

Forth Ports Dundee is the most northerly port within Forth Ports. Also, it is one of the largest economic generators in the City of Dundee and the Tayside region of eastern Scotland.

Furthermore, Forth Ports Dundee is strategically located on the east coast of Scotland, between Aberdeen and the central belt.

The port lies on the north side of the sheltered River Tay estuary and is adjacent to the ring road which circles the outskirts of Dundee, providing fast and efficient road links in and out of the city.

Photo: Foyle and Marine