CSD ALYARMOUK almost ready for delivery

After the successful launch of CSD ALYARMOUK, the vessel is now undergoing its final commissioning phase, informs Royal IHC.

Royal IHC

This week IHC has been testing the performance of the dredge pump and upcoming weeks the company will be commissioning the automatic dredging installation.

Once these tests are completed, the vessel will be lifted out of the water and prepared for transport to Jordan.

The Alyarmouk is the last of three orders placed by the Arab Potash Company (APC) at IHC in 2020.

The first order was for an IHC BeaverĀ® 65, a 2,819kW dismountable CSD that was modified in order to work efficiently in the Dead Sea.

The second contract was a three-year maintenance deal for the IHC dredgers Jarash and Mutah, with the purpose of achieving and maintaining an agreed level of uptime.

When the parts arrive in Jordan, the Alyarmouk will be reassembled and ready to execute its first assignment, supported by IHC Jordan local office.