Piling continues on the Southsea scheme

Wild weather last week slowed down Southsea Coastal Scheme piling progress as high winds limited the pitching of steel sheet piles.

According to the project update, the weather conditions kept the working platform maintenance gang busy, ensuring the dredged platform wasn’t washed out to sea.

The project received plenty of interest for the work on frontage 1, so the crews have installed viewing windows in the security hoarding at the Saluting Platform so passers-by can check out what’s happening on site.

Clearer conditions during the latter part of the week saw the contractors piling west to east from the Saluting Platform.

Over on the east side of Spur Redoubt, stud-welding has been completed for the mass concrete toe structural connection to the sheet piles.

Hydro demolition was also carried out around the Spur Redoubt so the old concrete could be removed without damage to the historic structure.

The officials also added that the piling and concrete works will continue this week.

VSBW, a VolkerStevin and Boskalis Westminster Ltd. joint venture, is the main contractor working to deliver the new sea defences as part of the Southsea Coastal Defence Scheme.

Stretching for 4.5km from Old Portsmouth to Eastney, the scheme will help to reduce the risk of flooding to more than 10,000 homes and 700 businesses.

Photo: Southsea Coastal Scheme