Borr finishes dredging of the River Parrett

Dredging of the River Parrett between Northmoor and the M5 finished last weekend, according to the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA).

“It’s gone well. Rain has kept river levels high, so the water injection dredging vessel Borr has been able to work 10-12 hours every day,” said SRA in the release.

“After some final passes on Saturday morning, and some outfall clearing on Saturday afternoon, the dredger was lifted out of the river at Dunball Wharf on Sunday. Then post-dredge surveying of the river started on Monday,” added SRA.

At the end, SRA thanked Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium and contractors Van Oord for working so hard and so skillfully to get this important job done.

This dredging will help to reduce local flood risks in the area. It is part of a series of improvements, like those planned for the River Sowy and King’s Sedgemoor Drain later this year.

Overall, Van Oord shifted around 22,000m3 of fine sediments from the bed of the River Parrett, down beyond Northmoor Pumping Station.

Photo: SRA