Port of Gothenburg: Higher container volumes, despite Covid-19

At the Port of Gothenburg, container volumes in 2020 showed no sign of being affected by Covid-19. On the contrary, volumes have increased.

“2020 posed major challenges for everyone in and around the Port of Gothenburg and our flexibility and capacity to adapt have been put to the test. In the light of the prevailing conditions and in hindsight we did almost everything right. Each and every one of the terminal operators at the port should be congratulated,” said Elvir Dzanic, Gothenburg Port Authority chief executive.

As far back as 1 February measures were taken to keep the port open and free from disruption in these unprecedented times. The focus was on meeting the new conditions generated by the pandemic and to do so rapidly and effectively.

Continued investment to promote profitability

The long-term focus during the year has been on not allowing the port’s development plans to lose momentum.

The port has a multi-year investment program, which during 2020 included key milestones in the fairway deepening project – Skandia Gateway – and the establishment of the new Arendal 2 terminal.

The Svea Terminal, a new rail-linked transshipment terminal, was also brought into operation.

During the latter half of the year the port embarked on a complete digital transformation with the aim of enhancing freight visibility.

“We strengthened our balance sheet during the year in various ways, including a reduction in future borrowing requirements. This has allowed us to continue investing in climate initiatives, digitalization, and other areas that are of value to the customer. These will in the future ensure freight can be transported even more efficiently and with greater consideration given to the environment,” concluded Elvir Dzanic.

Photo: Gothenburg Port Authority