Vermilion River dredging set for August

A river dredging program in Vermilion, Ohio, will receive federal funding, The Morning Journal reports.

According to Vermilion Mayor Jim Forthofer, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur was instrumental in getting the funding for the project on the Vermilion River.

“Congresswoman (Kaptur) called me last fall to inform me of a plan to have the federal government pay for $800,000, which is the cost of the dredging in total,” Forthofer said, adding that the project will be at no cost to the city.

The funds for the project were allocated recently, he said.

“She places a high priority on the health of the Great Lakes and its waterways,” the mayor said. “Congresswoman Kaptur passes on her best wishes to the residents of Vermilion.”

Service Director Tony Valerius added that the dredging project, to be completed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer, is slated to begin in August.

Under the official plan, the river will be dredged from the mouth of the river to the bridge.

Photo: City of Vermilion