Lake Accotink Dredging Project VIDEO

The Fairfax County Government has just released this very interesting video about the Lake Accotink dredging project.

A review of the lake and watershed data is underway. Detailed field condition assessments will take place through spring of 2021.

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A project alternatives analysis will be developed by summer 2021 to inform stakeholders, elected officials and staff about options available for the location of dredge staging, temporary pipelines and dredge sediment processing.

“County staff will share the alternatives analysis with residents when it is available and will seek input from community members to help in review of the alternatives analysis and selection of options for the dredging operation,” said the Government.

The Lake Accotink dredging works will remove an estimated 350,000 cubic yards of sediment to reestablish lake depth and put in place a maintenance dredging program to sustain water quality in Accotink Creek and aesthetic and recreational benefits for county residents.

Photo: Fairfax County Government