Centerm expansion project – March update

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, together with their contractors, is continuing work on the Centerm Expansion Project.

This port expansion project, being delivered by Centennial Expansion Partners (CXP), has completion date of December 2021.

In their March update, CXP and the port authority said that the preload settlement in the eastern expansion area is fully complete. “We are currently moving to infill the area around the perimeter of the original Ballantyne Pier.”

They also added that the infilling and preload placement in the western expansion area was completed in December 2020 and the second phase of preload is ongoing.

The ground behind the caissons is being compacted, known as densification, to make it strong enough to support the new south quay crane.

The north rail mounted gantry crane beam is complete, and the south beam is under construction, concluded the port officials.

Photo: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority