LOC wins Alexandria Port expansion contract

Marine engineering consultancy LOC has been awarded a contract by Egyptian Group for Multi-Purpose Terminals (EGMPT) to provide engineering services related to the Alexandria Port navigation channel expansion.

Alexandria Port

Under the contract, LOC’s Egyptian operation will provide consulting and engineering services to deliver simulation modelling of Egypt Pier 55-62 to support an expansion of the navigation channel.

The expansion will be conducted to accommodate large container vessels calling to the proposed container terminal.

LOC’s services will include:

  • a real-time desktop navigation study,
  • full mission ship simulation study,
  • metocean and hydrodynamic studies, etc.

EGMPT, represented by its chairman, Admiral Abdel Kader Darwish, has awarded the contract which is LOC’s first with Egypt’s Ministry of Transport.

LOC, which is part of AqualisBraemar LOC Group, established an office in Cairo in 2017. It supports clients with marine assurance, marine warranty, marine engineering consulting, and engineering services to projects across offshore oil and gas and maritime markets.

For the Alexandria Port expansion project, LOC in Egypt will also lend on the support and specialized engineering, design and analysis capabilities of the wider AqualisBraemar LOC group, including support from Longitude Engineering.