First phase of River Steeping works done

The first phase of dredging on the River Steeping has come to an end two days ago, informs the Water Management Consortium.

The main aim of the dredging operation was to remove sediment from targeted locations across 5.5km of waterway, between Thorpe Culvert and Dovecotes Farm, and 650m of the eastern end of the relief channel.

Dredging started in late September at Thorpe Culvert, west of the railway, and moved along the Wainfleet Relief Channel (WRC) and down the Steeping River to Dovecotes Farm.

Royal Smals, the company contracted for this project, used one of their cutter suction dredgers to remove around 50,000 cubic metres of silt from these areas.

This first phase of dredging will now be followed by a second stage this autumn, tackling areas of sediment across 1.2km of the western end of the relief channel.

Photo: Water Management Consortium