EDP takes over dredging assets of RLB Contracting

Encore Dredging Partners, LLC (EDP) has just announced its acquisition of the dredging division assets of RLB Contracting (RLB).

As reported, EDP has acquired substantially all the dredging division assets and associated equipment of RLB. Additionally, EDP will hire the existing RLB dredging crews and related maintenance personnel.

The announcement follows successful acquisition of Inland Dredging Company earlier this year and further expands EDP’s maintenance dredging fleet and provides additional capacity for continuous operations in the Texas market.

EDP’s partnership with AV Capital continues to support its growth-oriented platform poised for additional expansion of its dredging and marine infrastructure services throughout the U.S.

“The acquisition of the RLB dredging division assets is key to the continued strategic expansion of EDP’s fleet, capabilities, and geographic reach,” said Dwayne Breaux, EDP’s Chief Executive Officer. “With this acquisition EDP will establish its Coastal Division based in Texas to serve public and private customers throughout the Gulf Coast.”

“AV Capital is excited about the continued expansion of the EDP platform,” commented Vernon Bryant, Managing Partner of AV Capital. “We continue to partner with the EDP management team seeking opportunities to expand our dredging and marine infrastructure services platform and to provide top quality operations with a focus on customer service and safety.”

Beginning in 2010, RLB added dredging services to its existing business through the initial acquisition of what is today the Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) Jonathan King Boyd.

RLB further expanded its dredging fleet in 2018 with the acquisition of the CSD Eagle One and has been a provider of maintenance dredging services to both private and public customers primarily in the Texas market.

The RLB dredging division assets provide a solid platform for EDP’s ongoing maintenance dredging in Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast. Additionally, EDP is acquiring the CSD Pat Lundin portable dredge and RLB’s off-loader capabilities.

Photo: EDP