Brazos Island Harbor dredging contract awarded

USACE Galveston District recently awarded the Brazos Island Harbor (BIH) Jetty and Entrance Channel Maintenance Dredging Contract with Beneficial Use Beach Placement at South Padre Island to Weeks Marine, Inc. for a total of $7.5 million. 


Dredging of the BIH Jetty and Entrance Channels will remove approximately 350,000 cubic yards of sandy material and restore the Jetty and Entrance Channels to full project depth. 

The District partnered with the Texas General Land Office, the City of South Padre Island and Cameron County for the incremental costs associated with placing the dredged sand directly on South Padre Island. 

The beach placement will be split 75/25 between a section of the beach at the northern end of the City of South Padre Island and the Isla Blanca State Park. 

The beneficial use of dredged material will enhance island beaches and provide sea turtle nesting habitat. 

Dredging and beach placement works will be completed by end of July 2021.