Important milestone for Waterking

Waterking BV announced today that their amphibious excavator models WK 95, WK 55 and the WK 20 are officially ES-TRIN certified.


“Together with Register Holland we have worked long and hard on preparing the machines to get them ready to be certified. The smallest models that we offer the WK 20 and WK 55 are zone 4 ES-TRIN certified. The WK 95 is zone 3 and 4 ES-TRIN certified,” the company said.

Since the beginning of this year, the European law changed and the amphibious excavators are now seen as floating equipment (vessel).

The machines are covered by the regulations of the European standard establishing the technical requirements for inland waterway vessels (ES-TRIN).

“The adjustments we made are important for all our European customers and we are proud to announce that we are the first manufacturer in world who can offer high quality amphibious excavators that are fully complied with the ES-TRIN standard zone 3 and 4,” said Waterking.

“Besides the smaller amphibious excavator models we now have the expertise that enables us to offer our bigger models as well.”