Dredging works in the heart of Lyon VIDEO

Major dredging work is currently taking place in in the heart of Lyon, France.

Cécile AVEZARD, Directrice territoriale Rhône-Saône

Located at the Morand bridge, the project will allow the Métropole de Lyon to set up the new station for waste disposal River’tri – Europe’s first waterborne waste collection facility and sorting unit of its kind.

Photo by Cécile AVEZARD, Directrice territoriale Rhône-Saône, Voies navigables de France

The boat can collect up to 300 tonnes of waste a year and is used by 5000 people.

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Lyon is France’s 3rd largest populated city and it has only two permanent waste collection centres.

That’s why River’tri was created, to meet waste disposal needs there.

The barge takes just 30 minutes to set up and every Saturday unwanted bulky items can be dropped off on Quai Fulchiron where it docks.